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Resource Base

Christ the King's Communication and Interaction Resource Base (CIRB) is a specialist resourced provision for primary aged children with speech, language and communication needs, located within the school. It was set up by Wiltshire County Council in 1997 as a provision for children with severe speech and language difficulties living in the southern part of the county.
We offer places for 18 children aged between 4 and 11 (incl.) that have a Statement of Special Educational Needs with the primary area need identified as speech and language.
At Christ the King, we are fully committed to the effective inclusion of the Resource Base children into the life of the Mainstream school, whilst prompting and encouraging an ethos of personal achievement, confidence and independence.

Ofsted inspected the school in June 2014 and stated within their report:

"Pupils in the Resource Base make especially good progress as their individual needs are met very well in all subjects.”
“The progress of the pupils in the Resource Base is very carefully managed and they all achieve outstandingly well over time. Many of the pupils are enabled to return to mainstream classes, full or part-time.”
“Pupils are well taught in the Resource Base and teachers help them to be more confident in their learning.”

What makes us special?
We aim to:

  • provide high quality and appropriate education and therapy to meet the needs of all children within the CIRB and enable them to reach their potential;
  • promote and encourage personal achievement;
  • provide a secure and caring environment, enabling all children to become more confident and independent learners;
  • foster an atmosphere of trust and co-operation with families.

Essential Life Skills
We believe it is essential to promote life skills in our pupils. Our curricula are based around ensuing we develop our children to be:

  • Creative thinkers
  • Self-managers
  • Effective participators
  • Independent Enquirers
  • Team members
  • Reflective learners

We deliver these within an environment that promotes confidence and inclusivity.

Supporting Your Child
"All teachers are teachers of special needs" (SEN Code of Practice)

Our highly experienced team is made up of:

  • Lead RB Teacher - Alexa Clarke
  • RB Teacher - Luke Humphries
  • Lead Speech and Language Therapist - Anna Mackay-Smith
  • SEN TA - Beckie Paul
  • SEN TA - Kerry Walters
  • SEN TA - Eva Wilson
  • SEN TA - Christine McCabe

Our speech and language therapist is allocated to the CIRB for 1.5 days a week working closely with the CIRB staff and children providing programmes tailored to each child's specific areas of need.

At Christ the King, we want all pupils to experience a broad and balanced curriculum which will allow them to develop their skills and knowledge and enable them to be successful in whatever they choose to do. We provide:

  • small group work
  • National Curriculum adapted for all pupils
  • visual timetables for lessons and activities when required
  • managed, supportive environment to enable transitions
  • social stories
  • interpretation of EP advice and guidance
  • interpretation of OT advice and guidance
  • speech and language input and advice guidance
  • support with relationships/social skills
  • structured and individualised curriculum
  • PSHE/SEAL/Emotional Literacy curriculum
  • positive behaviour support
  • 1:1 support when required

We aim to provide excellent and specialist teaching and learning opportunities for our children through our:

  • highly specialised teaching team
  • collaborative practice
  • deployment of resources
  • and working closely with our mainstream colleagues to ensure the needs of all our children are net.

At the same time we strive to encourage an ethos of personal achievement and independence.
Our approaches for all children to work within their own class for as much as possible in a supportive environment where their needs are met by trained staff that are able to provide additional support on an individual, paired and group basis. It also enables them to benefit from the good language models of their class, to mix socially with their peers and form friendships within their year group as a whole.

Keeping in Touch with You
We recognise that parents have a vital role to play in supporting their child’s education. We are passionate about working in partnership with you, as parents. We understand that by the very nature of the provision, face-to-face contact is not always possible as the majority of our children come to school in taxis. As such we communicate openly with you via e-mail, home-school link books as well as by phone.

We aim to foster an atmosphere of trust and co-operation with families by:

  • involving parents at every stage of their child’s support;
  • valuing their contribution in decision making and the on-going support of their child;
  • offering consultations at least three times a year, twice a year formally at parent-teacher meetings, once a year through Annual Review meetings and informally as required. Additionally, parents are always welcome to talk to staff on the phone and through email or make additional appointments for meetings at any time within the year;
  • recording any concerns expressed by the parents and acting upon them accordingly.

How do I access the Communication and Interaction Resource Base for my child?
All children are referred to Christ the King's CIRB by Wiltshire Local Authority and it is through them that our placements are made. Each child will have a Statement of Special Educational Need or an Education, Health, Care Plan in place in which their primary area of need is identified as Speech and Language.

What do I do now?
To find our more about Christ the King's Communication Interaction and Resource Base please feel free to contact us to arrange a visit and an informal chat.

Christ the King RC Primary School,
Earls Court Road,

Telephone:- 01980 622039

Christ the King Roman Catholic Primary School
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